Custom white balance with flash.

Aug 25, 2014
I am into using flash to shoot indoor .

Without flash, the surrounding look a little orange.
So I use live view to adjust the white balance manually. So everything look normal.
So after using the white balance i mount my flash and with flash on, everything turn abit more to bluish now.

How do I set white balance when using flash.

I did some research on it and found that ppl use some orange flash gel, but I need some expert to explain and how to use it correctly with flash white balance.

Mar 10, 2007
You need not adjust white balance when using flash because the flash output is 'daylight'. Just set the camera's white balance to 'auto' or 'daylight'.However, this would result in the final image having the flash-lit areas correctly white balanced while the area with stronger ambient ligjht orange (assume the ambient area is tungsten lit;

If you want to balance both the flash and ambient light then you need to use a gel over the flash. A CTO (colour temperature orange) will balance for tungsten. Do a white balance with the flash fitted with the CTO gel. Or just set the camera's white balanced to 'tungsten'.


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Jul 9, 2008
Tungsten is 2850 kelvins, Flash is 5000 kelvins, there is a 2000K difference. There is no perfect formula, because a lot of things influence the outcome, mainly ambient vs flash balance, also if your flash temp is contaminated after bouncing ie colored ceilings and walls, or flash output reduced due to weak recharge, or also, indoors, its not always tungsten, many times its daylight florescent, which flickers and changes every miliseconds, or mixed tungsten with florescent, even tungsten has variable kelvins, just go ikea lighting section you will see so many different tones of tungsten lights.

Just shoot Auto WB, cameras nowadays are good enough to get it right most of the time or near.

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