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CroXXing Photography | Affordable rates for all occasions

Jan 19, 2015
CroXXing Photography
Affordable rates for all occasions

Hello! I am Hui Xing, a freelance photographer. Photography is my passion and I would love to offer my services. Be it weddings, birthday parties, portraits etc, I will do my best to capture and preserve these special moments.

My website: http://croxxingphotography.wixsite.com/event
Facebook page with portfolio: https://www.facebook.com/croxxingphotography
Instagram page where you can view my daily works: https://instagram.com/croxxingphotography/

Why choose me: Colour corrections and cropping are included for all photos returned. I am also constantly learning and working on my skills. In addition, I own backup DSLRs and flashes.

For booking and enquiries, please contact me via 9three9seven6100 (kindly SMS/whatsapp only) or FB message.
Thank you!

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