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Jul 19, 2012
Crossing Bridges 10 - Generous Supporter and Sponsors



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Mar 20, 2007
On behalf of and as head of the Malaysian team, I would like to say a big 'Thank You' to all the CB10 sponsors and supporters for making this event as I can see it, to be the biggest and grandest ever. And all this can only happen also because of the hard and tireless work and dedication from the CB10 admin team and all the volunteers.

I am really excited by the prospect of it all and looking forward to step onto Singapore soil for this experience. The exciting program and the places to to see is beyond my wildest dream. Singapore is our neighbour that I visited often, but I could never get to go to many of these places on my own. I'm also looking forward to play with some new toys, and I heard the goody bag is going to be great. What else can I ask for?

Thanks again to all of you guys for making this happen, and hope we all have a blast and a great time at CB10.

Chen Wei Seng
Head of CB10 Malaysian Team

Sep 12, 2013
On behalf of Vietnam team which comprise of and members, I would like to thank you to all the CB10 sponsors and supporters who make this event happened.

We are very excited and eager to counted down for G-Day to meet all participants from other 6 countries in CB10. Hopefully several days ahead will truly memorable to all.

This is how our team look like :)

Once again, great thanks for your hospitality and hosting.

apham / Pham An Duong
Head of Vietnam Team

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