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Apr 6, 2012
Hi everyone!

I am a photographer who is new to the sector and still learning how I can improve, and many of you here have so many years of experience!

I recently did a short street photography journey into the town of Yishun.

We all seem to know Yishun as a seemingly bad place with its plots of serial cat killers, accidents, murders and terror plots, so I wanted to capture other facets of Yishun that can showcase its other light-hearted side and its unique flavours.

The following photos are some photos I captured, with simple editing. Wanted to see if I could have any comments in terms of:

a. overall picture feel and without description what is the first thing that u interpret (I will compare later to share if the photos were what I had originally intended for)
b. photography techniques (rule of thirds, composition, angle etc)

your comments will be much appreciated and any comments is welcomed because learning is the key!thank you!!


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Oct 27, 2003
Hi Binny,

No photo attached with your post. Please read and follow the guidelines for this forum, thanks.


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