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crimson sunbird at SBG

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Here's my shot of the crimson sunbird taken this morning ... think focus was on the wing rather than the eyes ... :sweat:

All comments are very welcome!

iso400, f6.3, 1/160s
USM-ed and resized in photoshop.

Thanks everyone for sharing and the advices/tips given!
Excellent turnout and think we "scared" the regulars of SBG with our impressive crowd ... :bsmilie:


Hi diddledoodles,

nice pic, may I suggest that you do a vertical crop instead.

It appears that yr focus is on the leave... no worries, you can always go back to SBG to try again, the sunbirds will be waiting for you ;)


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Hi LC, nice meeting you at the outing, neat shot you have there with the framing of the bird using the leaves of the plant. Good eye there. :thumbsup: Like what MadCat said, maybe a vertical crop would be better. ;)

Good effort and do keep shooting!

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