LR Tips CreativePro Conference Speaker Spotlight: Von Glitschka, the Thug Bunny


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Sep 27, 2006
Welcome to our new series of posts called Speaker Spotlight, designed to highlight each of our upcoming CreativePro Conference speakers. We’ve assembled a dream team roster of Photoshop and Illustrator gurus, and thought you’d like get to know what makes them tick, why they’re passionate about what they do, and what you can expect to learn from them at the conference. (Our previous Speaker Spotlight was on Sharon Steuer.) The subject of this Speaker Spotlight is Von Glitschka. Von is an Illustrative Designer, Thinker, Speaker, Author, Creator of Branding, Icons, Lettering, Illustration, and Wit. A foodie, who loves Jesus and reading books, doing the full-tilt creative boogie out of his home studio in the land of Bigfoot (Salem, Oregon). He’s a sucker for anything BBQ and if he had a Star Trek replicator, his wife and two girls would definitely be in trouble — the house would be filled to the rim with all things BBQ! Von’s creative outlook and diverse range of illustrative design has been used by some of the most respected global brands, including Adobe, HGTV, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Major League Baseball, Microsoft, Pepsi, Disney, and Ogilvy & Mather. His name is Von Glitschka but his friends call him Vonster! The Von Glitschka File Von’s [...]
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