Hi guys, Creative Crew is back!

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After getting familiar with Photoshop Blending Modes, it is time to jump into colour. We have so many tools and strategies to play with: Photoshop, Camera Raw and Lightroom… but which one is better?

Stefano Virgilli - Adobe Certified Instructor Design Master @LAB School - will guide you in a deep retrospective of colour evolution. Where did we start from in digital photography, we are we heading to it. Any feedback?

Part 1:
Being a doctor who "cures" photos
Histogram, Levels, Curves, Colour Balance, Channel Mixer, Exposure, Recovery, FIll Light, Blacks, Brightness, Contrast, Temperature… Isn't this enough? Or too much? It's a jungle out there!
Before to embark in a long journey with Camera Raw and Lightroom, do you really understand WHY are you using this or that adjustment?
RESET! Start from the beginning and analyze what's right and what's wrong with a picture. Only then we can try to "fix it".

Part 2:
Get the hands dirty with a tad more advanced stuff.
- Temperature and Tint as a tandem.
- Hot to use Camera Raw and Lightroom Adjustment Brush and Graduated Filter.
- Add details, sharpness but keep the skin smooth.
- Take snap shots to compare versions.
…but ultimately, HOW do you want the picture to look like?

Part 3:
It's winner's time!
We will announce the winner of the CONTEST: Win Adobe Design Premium CS5!
And we will launch the new amazing contest. Another opportunity to win not only free software, but also professional training! Thanks to our collaboration with InDesign User Group IDUG Singapore

*No notes will be distributed during the session… this is a monthly Creative Crew meeting, not a free course.
*There is no classifications such as Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. That may work for a Language program, but photo editing is a different story. Whether you have 40 years of experience or 4 month only, some of the concepts will be easy to absorb, other will be harder to digest.


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Jan 20, 2010
As usual , will attend the meeting :)

See you


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Apr 21, 2008
any waiting list for this event?


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Jan 20, 2010
Hi guys , I think you guys can just go . Except maybe not enough chairs. But still worth to stand for 2 hr to listen to the lesson :)

Hi Crew,
due to some drop off, we have added 15 waiting list tickets:

Queenstown Public Library's venue is very nice and cozy, but a bit small.
Maximum capacity about 60 people.

I will upload the keynote on our website

See you there!

PS: bring your laptop

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