LR Tips Creating Social Media Graphics With Adobe Spark Post


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Sep 27, 2006
Since the recent debut of Adobe Spark Post (previously Adobe Post), the Post team has made so many significant updates to the app. As a designer, you might think an app that handles much of the design and layout of graphics is cheating. But as a busy designer, I appreciate the fact that I am able to quickly get up and running with a look or concept and still have plenty of control over the design. I use Post for all of my social media graphics, from Facebook posts, to tweets where an image conveys my message best, to an eye-catching Pinterest banner, to Instagram snaps. Spark Post lets me easily create for all these platforms at once, using one cohesive design. Available for iPhone and iPad as well as an online version via the Creative Cloud, the app is free and comes loaded with options. I often need to create a series of graphics that are nearly identical, for instance when I release a new video and need to announce it on all my social media channels. Here is my recipe for whipping up a series of social media graphics. How to Use Adobe Spark Post Start with a [...]
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