Creating 32bit HDR using just photomatix without lightroom


Apr 6, 2014
For personal reasons i don't want to use lightroom just photomatix to create a 32bit HDR.

It's possible to do this as seen from here:

http: //

Merging to 32-bit HDR without the Plug-in

Photomatix Pro can already merge to HDR to create a 32-bit HDR file accepted by Lightroom as described below. The Merge to 32-bit HDR Plug-in for Lightroom adds convenience, but is not necessary if you have Photomatix Pro.
Open Photomatix Pro and click on the Load Bracketed Photos button.
On the dialog to load the photos, check the Show intermediary 32-bit HDR image box.
Select the desired option on the Pre-Processing Options dialog, and click OK
Once the merge is completed, choose File > Save As....
Select the Floating Point TIFF (.tif) item on the File Format combo-box and click OK.
Import the saved TIFF file into Lightroom.

I have made a screen shot of what shows up on my photomatix software. Cannot embed it here for now.

As seen in the instructions u need to check the box that shows those words but the problem for me is i don't have that option in my photomatix pro 5.0.3 but instead i have this option here:

http: //

The option that i can select is show 32 bit unprocessed image while in the instructions it is Show intermediary 32-bit HDR image box and i don't have that option anywhere at all.

Does this mean i cannot create the 32 bit HDR image or is that option the one to create 32 bit HDR show 32 bit unprocessed image.

I noticed i can only save my image as 16bit Tiff file if i export to tiff

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