LR Tips Create Parallax Video Effects in Photoshop with Qlilipn


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Sep 27, 2006
We’re well used to seeing parallax effects on modern websites, where images scroll at a different rate to the rest of the page and so add the illusion of increased depth. But the parallax effect on photos, where the camera appears to zoom into the subject while blurring and distorting the background, is a newer phenomenon. Creating this effect from a still photograph has always demanded a high degree of skill – until now. The bizarrely-named Qlilipn is a newly-upgraded Photoshop plug-in that automates the process in a manner that’s both ingenious and extremely effective. Using the tool is not immediately intuitive, however, so here’s a guide to how to get the most out of this innovative plug-in. Install the actions First, purchase Qlilipn – it’s available for just $16 from The package contains a number of elements, among them a set of action sets that drive the process. To install these, double-click each of the .atn files in the download folder and they’ll be automatically installed in your copy of Photoshop (only version CC 2015 or newer is supported). Alternatively, right click on the files and choose “Open with Adobe Photoshop CC 2015”. If Photoshop is running, [...]
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