[CRC Inventory] Kinoflo Tegra 4x4 Fixture


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Feb 2, 2008

No other light features onboard dimming, onboard switching, remote hand-held dimming, and Universal input voltage (100VAC to 240VAC). Proprietary solid state electronics operate the lamps on high output, flicker-free, and dead quiet.

The fixture produces as much light as a 1,000W tungsten softlight, using only one tenth the amount of power. The built-in barndoors with newly designed hinges, honeycomb louver and center mount system make the lightweight Tegra ideal for hand-held shots, rigging in tight locations or mounting on a light stand.

Key features are:
Remote dimming
Onboard dimming
Onboard switching
Universal input 100-240VAC
Newly designed hinged Barndoors, Reflector and Honeycomb Louver
Centre Mount
Low amperage (2.8A, 120VAC and 1.4A, 230VAC)
High output, flicker-free, dead quiet
Kino Flo True Match® 2900K, 3200K and 5500K colour temperature

Available @$88 for the first day rate.

Call 96504158 or email info@camerarental.biz to book!