Couple photos...

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Hey, Im new here, and I just wanted to say that there is a lot of talent on this board. :)

some pipes behind my dorm.

and here something every college kid shoud have

all comments are welcome :)

hey pixelfuture!
Welcome to CS!

First off, I guess that someone's gonna tell you sooner or later that you should post 1 pic per thread for Critique.;)

on to your shots...

- the blank space between the rows of pipes are quite distracting...btw, why so many pipes behind your dorm???

- very unfortunately cropped at the corners.
- might want to try shooting it from a lower point to capture a more direct shot?

happy shooting!;p


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Mar 15, 2002
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Welcome to the Clubsnap community pixelfuture! I'm sure you'll have a very interesting and fufilling time over in this corner of the web.

Just to highlight on what petaflopz has already mentioned, you're only allow to post 1 picture per thread in the Critique Forum most of the time so that posters can concentrate on commenting on a single photo. Exceptions can be made if comparisons needs to be done between 2 similar photos.

For more info on the rules in this Critique section, you can check this thread out.

Some of the other sections have their own rules as well and are often made stickys and found on the top of each section page. It would be good if you could take a read.

The aren't many, and are basically there so you can gain the maximum feedback on your postings. They are not there to suffocate you. :)

I personally like the shot of your pipes. I've a thing for abstract photos. The colour gradient is interesting I notice that there are 2 different kinds of pipes and it looks like they are having a 'stand off' with each other. Perhaps by moving your frame more to the right to include more of the pipes on the right, you could create a more balance image of a 'stand off'. But that's just my opinion.

As for your 2nd photo, I would prefer a more dynamic angle by using the triangle ruling.

I'll be moving this thread to the Abstract and Still Life Section.



Originally posted by pixelfuture
Hey, Im new here, and I just wanted to say that there is a lot of talent on this board. :)

yar.. and tht includes, you! frankly, I like BOTH your photos. I have nothing else to say other than tt they are , to me, rather artistic. :)

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