Couple @ Merlion

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May 9, 2008
Taken at the Merlion there, without the Merlion.
Too late to change the subject name, after realising it does not fit, due to the lack of the Merlion statue.
Thought it looks pretty sweet, with the couple sitting tgt, watching the scenery.
The sky was originally blue, but I added warming filter to give it a, erm, warmer feel?
Please give your comments...
Taken at F/2.8, 1/50 sec, ISO 80, with K800i, sadly, again.


Aug 25, 2006
the processing here does not work for me, the toning has been a tad too heavy-handed leading to an overdone orange cast.

it will not be easy to include the merlion and couple in the same shot, you can try it with a wider lens but i suspect you are going to get a lot of distortion on the couple.

composition wise though, i think this picture might work better just excluding the merlion's stream altogether - one can say it could add a sense of surreality but it is not aesthetically pretty in any sense, and therefore looks simply like someone has decided to throw water into the river on a whim. a longer exposure might smooth it out and actually correct this but you will end up with motion from the couple unless they somehow keep perfectly still for you.

the buildings on the left also serve to add nothing. however, i think a vertical framing with the couple looking at the wheel might work. the clouds over that side are also quite picturesque comparatively.

cropping away everything leaving the bottom right quarter seems to ba nice idea.. a lonely moody couple shot..

the title beckons "couple AND merlion".. but i am hardly getting anything resembling the merlion (less an incomplete spout).. so might as well juz remove it altogether..

my 2 cents..


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Feb 15, 2003
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This is like just a snapshot.

I'm just going to make it simple for you. Not going into the colors and processing as its probably covered and i won't give my point.

Just see, what do you see in this shot that is so fascinating that you have the urge to upload? I don't see any contrasting factor.

If u look at it, you won't notice the couple, cos they are not standing out. Next, there are so many things inside... and everything is fighting attention with the couple.

Relook at the picture and think. If i have a title, Merlion and Couple, what should stand out... If i wanna rename this pic, what name i'll call it instead of this...

Generally, i think what you yourself like most of this picture should be the tone right?
Personally, i feel that you can focus more on the couple and get rid of the access objects like the buildings. There is simply too much to look at in a picture and thus, it tends to lose focus and will not stand out. work on ps to salvage the picture:) i believe you can do a much better job! keep going!

Mar 21, 2006
if you lower the camera to near floor level and have much lesser floor and move nearer to subject, it will make the shot alot better.

then again you probably dunno the couple, so too deliberate might appear weird? I don't know.

Anyway, very impressed how a K800i can produce a photo like this.


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May 9, 2008
the color tone doesn't work for me, although it may for you. tried B/W? just my two cents worth.


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Jul 25, 2006
Composition wise, the couple occupies too little of the frame, and if you're gonna include the Merlion's spray, include the Merlion. If not, don't include just the spray. A possibly solution to this would be taking a few steps to your right and turning to face the Merlion. This way, the couple will be effectively in the foreground, with the Merlion and Esplanade in the background.

Processing wise, the tone is too heavy and saturated.

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