Cosplay Chess 2011 - 27th November 2011 at S*CAPE Auditorium 3pm - 5 pm

There is a change in time. Becuase due to the arrival of a special guest of honor from people's association.

But Miss Pinky Lu Xun and Mr. Richfield Edbert will be Guest stars for the Cosplay chess event and they will be part of the show too!


This kids have work hard to put this show on stage! Come down and show some support! :D

Date: 27th November 2011
Place: S*CAPE Auditorium 2.30pm - 4pm

This clip is a photoshoot for the cosplay chess that is happening this Sunday! :D

Teaser: Cosplay Chess 2011, The Studio Shoot
Cosplay Chess 2011, The Studio Shoot - YouTube


Cosplayers that will be fighting on the chess set! See more photos at

Some picture on them!


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