Corel Paintshop Pro 7 ultimate vs Serif PhotoPlus x7 vs ACDsee - Need advice

Jan 31, 2011
Hi Friends,

Recently I have upgrade my laptop to Dell Inspiron 7000 (with improved speed & RAM), I need your advice for deciding on a new Post Processing program for my RAW files(Canon 6D & WP Lumia 1020). Although, I have been using Lightroom 4 prior (which is pretty good), I decided not go ahead with the new Adobe monthly subscription model as I'm not a professional photographer and only process my pics every other month (party/holiday).

I have narrowed it down to three choices

* Corel Paintshop Pro 7
* Serif Photoplus x7
* ACDsee Pro 8

what are the major pros & cons of each program?

what will you recommend?



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Jul 23, 2007
I just signed in the CC after looking at PSP7.
It was just to slow to load up changes for my liking.
Even the brush tool had a lag.
Also not worth the trouble finding tutorial and plugin alternatives, for me.
I was disappointed s psp7 seemed to promise a good alternative from PS at a good price.

YMMV, and maybe your pc will be faster to get it done on PSP7, so I suggest you download the trial and see for yourself.

I can understand how the cost won't be worth it for you if you don't process monthly if on CC.
Alternatively, get the standalone LR5.

If you don't need 16bit editing, maybe consider photoshop elements.
I was using it until the switch and it worked well enough for my enthusiast needs.

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