Copenhagen, Skagen, Roskilde

Dec 5, 2008
Hey bros,
I know i previously posted a thread on scandinavia on a budget for 2-3 weeks. Now i cannot do that due to personal commitments but i'll still be in Denmark and i intend to extend 3-4 days after my work is done there.

I'll be there early May and I intend to go to Skagen as i've heard quite abit about this area and i wanna go to the Grenen at the tip of northern Denmark with the sanddunes, seascapes and the nice lighting there. After spending 1 night there, i'll go back to Copenhagen but i'll stop by Roskilde and see the castles & Roskilde Fjord. Then i'll be back in Copenhagen for 1 more day before flying out.

has any good bros been to Skagen & roskilde? How did you go there? Drive? Train? Any particular areas i should visit?

Can share your experience and itinerary? :) Thanks!

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