Coolpix 990 or 995 or 4500???

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Hi, a friend of mine who has used both CP 990 and CP4500 claimed that CP990 produced the better quality photos. Does anyone feel the same here??? any personal reviews about the 3 models of coolpix mentioned??? pros and cons? price for a secondhand in the market now???

Pls share your views. thanks. :wink:


Mar 16, 2003
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Used CP950 previously, now using CP4500. In between I did have a loaned 995 for a couple of months.
The 950 did seem to have better low-light shots than 4500 under similar conditions (P mode, AWB, 10pm void deck, etc). But generally, I find little to fault the newer 4500. I do wish for it to be faster (shutter lag and all), but then again, I've learnt to make up for that deficiency by anticipating my shots.

Quality-wise, I prefer 4500 for the slightly better quality (more pixels) and colours. The time I've used the 995, I'd say that its colours tend to be warmer on reds in AutoWB whilst the 4500 is cooler (greens, blues). It is more suited to me for the bulk of my shots.

I do have some 995-4500 shots of a group of people somewhere, printed on a Fuji Frontier without adjustments, I liked the 4500 pix better - the whites of the uniforms came out white and the leaves were green. The 995 pix was more pinkish... of course this gave the faces a more ruddy complexion too.



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Jun 27, 2002
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I've owned the 990 and sold it off hoping to get a better digicam later. After trying out a few of the digicams I now regret my decision and am now looking to buy back the 990.

What I liked about the 990 was the quality of the lens and the fact that I did not have to depend on proprietary batteries. I've given it much thought and decided that while a 4 or 5 MP camera would provide sufficient resolution to print A3 size prints, I do not really print anything more than A4 size and at 4R, the prints were indistinguishable. At A4, if you frame the subject well and don't need to crop too much, you'll find that the 990 offers more than sufficient resolution for the print.

I've compared the quality of the pics with that of the 995 and feel the difference is negligible at 4R. The quality and feel of the 990 is better than the 995. The problem of the red eye is easily dealt with today so no major concern there. The macro feature is easily one of the best out there.

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