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Red Dawn

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Jan 17, 2002

Someone posted this on a Street Photography mailing list and I thought it's a very interesting question that was raised for i tot i'll repost it here for discussions' sake among us ;)

Now, I want to raise a question of contrivance.

When you look at a photographer's work have you ever thought "that looks contrived"? Does it bother you that something is contrived? Or that it looks over-worked, or as though it was made in a studio, or with actors? Does this sense of contrivance, if it builds up over a body of work wind you up, enrage you, distance you?

How do you avoid contrivance when you are making pictures. If you have built a skill set founded on strong (classical?)compositional ideas do you find a tendency towards a contrived quality in your photos? If not, have you ever been conscious of it. If so, did you make an effort to eradicate it?

Thinking about action, humour, decisive moments - can elements of good fortune of skillful timing and attention to detail in these domains appear to make work seem contrived, scripted?

Is contrivance bad?
so...wat do u pple think?

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