Contrast to the max

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Jan 23, 2005
richliow said:
trying to create a rustic feeling cum tongue in cheek kinda feeling...
comments on how to improve such satirical shots =)
If the point of the photo is the humour of the sign, why include so many surroundings? The sign itself would do. However, it would be a reproduction of someone else's humorous work (the person who made that sign); to me the composition of the picture doesn't contribute to it.

If one would see the sand hill in its entire glory it might help to understand the context of the sign, but as it is it is only background behind the fence and other clutter. A different perspective would be helpful.

I also don't see the reason for the cross-processed look (high contrast). It makes the picture look artificial, but isn't the entire "tongue in cheek" thing that the sign may be real? Shouldn't it look more lifelike then?

To make a photo itself a satirical work (as opposed to a mere reproduction of someone else's satire), it would have to establish a satirical relation between different objects in the picture using an original composition, where e.g. the second element contradicts the first one (recent example: bicycle parking under a "no bicycle parking" sign), or where the second element introduces another meaning to the first one (politically incorrect example: fat zoo visitor standing next to the elephant compound).


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Jul 9, 2005
thanks for the deep tots.

btw, my "satirical" in this case refers to more of a political dig. very much like what Jack Neo will do.

But then again, seriously appreciate your inputs. :bsmilie:

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