Consistency in uncorrected reprints: advice please

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Apr 16, 2004
Dear members, I would appreciate you advice or opinion on getting consistentcy from an uncorrected print to an uncorrected reprint.

I use print film (Fuji NPH400, Press 800) and have been using the same FDI pro lab for several years. Lately I have been having difficulty in getting consistent results in reprints and enlargements from them.

The way I work is to have all prints and reprints made with no adjustments on the Frontier (Ive gotten used to the characteristics of the different emulsions and the way I meter and shoot, so I work around that).

However, the lab seems to have difficulty reproducing the same results when making uncorrected reprints.

I understand that the chemicals and temeprature varies day to day and thus some colour shift is to be expected, but where an uncorrected reprint turns out differently, the operators often can't seem to adjust it to match the colour balance of the first, uncorrected print.

It was suggested that more consistent reprints can be expected if one does it on the same day, but the lab doesn't do 8R reprints on the same day.

Is there something I am missing? Have you any suggestions or specific reccomendations?

(Curiously, as an aside, very few labs Ive tried here seem to know how to handle NPH400 unless you give specific instructions - many operators like to "normalise" the density by increasing it so it looks like Superia, destroying shadow detail in the process)

Not open for further replies.