confused about where to get prints...

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Feb 10, 2005
Hey everyone, first time poster.

I've enjoyed being a shutterbug for a few years now, nothing serious, just play. I recently took my younger brother's graduation photos, and am looking to make prints.

I'm stuck! Where in the heck do I go to get wallets made up from these photographs? I don't want to go to Walmart and use the Kodak picture maker and pay almost five bucks for a sheet of just eight.

I did look online, and found places like, but I don't think I can send them the already developed negatives. Trying to figure this out sent me on a mission to which I've gotten no where....: where do professional photographers get their prints and enlargements from?

Is there some super secret lab I've never heard of? How in the heck does this work? I feel like I'm completly in the dark here... I know when I had my graduation pictures done, she sent us the proofs, we choose which ones we wanted, what size and how many and she sent us back what we had chosen.

So how the heck do I do that?

Thanks in advance, just for even reading this crazy babble! :confused:


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Feb 16, 2004
Just go to one of those Kodak franchise stores. Get your prints done over the counter by a lab personnel instead of using those automated machines.

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