Compiling a Portfolio

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Oct 27, 2005
Does anyone have any good advice on how to start a portfolio?

1. Show wide variety of work within 15-20 photographs or just stick to on particular theme(eg. B/W portraits)?

2. How should the photographs be arranged?

3. Should there be a title page or captions for each photograph?

4. How should the portfolio be presented?

I'm open to suggestions but I have a few ideas of what I might want to do. Perhaps window-mounting my photographs and then compiling them in an album rather than having loose boards that can get jumbled up, but I do not know whether this idea is feasible or where to do it. I know this would probably make the album very thick but I think thats alright. I am aiming for my portfolio to look professional and would not mind paying more money to get this done. I know many people buy the usual acid-free paper albums and use photocorners and mount their photographs in this booklet album but I find that a bit too common and wonder if anyone else has any other suggestions on what to do or perhaps where to purchase an album.

Thank you very much.

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