Comparision between Canon IXUS 40 and Panasonic FX2

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Feb 3, 2003
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I am considering between these 2 cameras. Can anyone offer any insights into the 2 cameras in terms of their perforamance, picture quality, usability and battery life? How does Canon's UA lens compare against Panasonic's Leica?


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Sep 19, 2003
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Hi, I do not have the IXUS 40, but I dod have the FX2. You can view full size 4MP pictures from my photo album here Click on the lower right corner of the picture frame to view the untouched pictures. The pictures are only added with the words, no USM or whatever so. They are saved in highest quality of 12 on the JPEG, therefore quite big (2MB-3MB) as compared to a 1.4MB capture direct from camera.

Some Pros:
1. Light and pocketable (for lady in handbag, guys on pants)
2. Relatively fast Auto-Focus
3. Nice quality with ISO 200, ISO 400 you need some touchup with Neat Image or similar programmes, but still usable if done correctly.
4. OIS is good if you can use it properly.

Some Cons:
1. Low Battery Life (I can take about 100++ pictures, well do not really care and IXUS 40 is not much better anyway, no one is talking about IXUS 40 battery life either)
2. OIS is good, but not for me who likes heavy cameras (my hand shakes easily). Still it is a life saver in certain cases without a tripod.

Overall, to me it is still a camera.

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