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Dec 6, 2005
Latest Update: 7 Sep 2008

NOTE: This price guide is for reference purposes only; it is NOT intended to be an exact reflection of current market prices. The threadstarter and ClubSNAP will accept no responsibility for any form of discrepancy that might be present in this guide.

NOTE : AP - Alan Photo / CP - Cathay Photo / HN - Harvey Norman / MSC - MS Color / PS - Parisilk / TK - TK Photo

LINK TO HONG KONG PRICE LIST. *Taiwan list to come later.

"Camera Bodies - Olympus"
E-3 (body only) -------- $1,490 (MSC)
E-30 (body only) -------- $1,550 (MSC)
- $2172 for body + 14-54mm lens II
- $2630 for body + 12-60mm lens

E-620 (body only) -------- $1050 (CP)
- 14-42mm kit --------- $1199 (CP)
- Dual lens kit
E-420 + 14-42mm -------- $879 (PS)
E-420 + 25mm -------- $1,088 (MSC)
E-520 + 14-42mm -------- $1,086 (AP)
E-520 + 14-42mm + 40-150mm -------- $1,252 (AP)
E-520 + 14-42mm + 70-300mm -------- $1,500 (HN)
E-1 (Discontinued)
E-510 + 14-42mm + 40-150mm --------- $1,299 (discontinued)
E-510 + 14-42mm -------- $1,149 (Best Denki) (discontinued)
E-510 (body only) available in Hong Kong for HK$5,300 (for those heading overseas to shop) (discontinued)
E-500 + 14-45mm + 40-150mm -------- $1,199 (RRP) (discontinued)
E-410 + 14-42mm + 40-150mm -------- $1,099 (discontinued)
E-410 + 14-42mm -------- $999 (discontinued)
E-400 (body only) -------- $600 (discontinued)
E-330 + 14-45mm -------- $999 (Courts) (discontinued)

E-300 (Discontinued)

"Camera Bodies - Others"
Panasonic DMC-L1 + 14-50mm -------- $2,900 (Parisilk) (discontinued)
Panasonic G1 + 14-45mm kit lens (m43 standard) - S$970

"Super High Grade"
Zuiko Digital ED 7-14mm F4.0 -------- $2,530
Zuiko Digital ED 14-35mm F2.0 SWD -------- $3,100
Zuiko Digital ED 35-100mm F2.0 -------- $3,399
Zuiko Digital ED 90-250mm F2.8 -------- $9,000
Zuiko Digital ED 150mm F2.0 -------- $3,600
Zuiko Digital ED 300mm F2.8 -------- $11,000 (Built to order)

"High Grade"
Zuiko Digital 11-22mm F2.8-3.5 -------- $1,000
Zuiko Digital 14-54mm F2.8-3.5 -------- $750 (There are the Made in China and Made in Japan versions)
Zuiko Digital 14-54mm F2.8-3.5 MkII -------- $
Zuiko Digital ED 12-60mm F2.8-4.0 SWD -------- $1,330 (MSC)
Zuiko Digital ED 50-200mm F2.8-3.5 (SWD equipped, current model) -------- $1,530
Zuiko Digital ED 50-200mm F2.8-3.5 (non-SWD) -------- $999 (at promotional price) - discontinued model
Zuiko Digital ED 8mm F3.5 Fisheye -------- $1,100
Zuiko Digital ED 50mm F2.0 Macro -------- $760
EX-25 Extension Tube -------- $235
EX14 TC-1.4 Teleconverter -------- $750
EC20 TC-2.0 Teleconverter -------- $690

Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 -------- kit lens
Zuiko Digital 14-45mm F3.5-5.6 -------- kit lens
Zuiko Digital 17.5-45mm F3.5-5.6 -------- kit lens
Zuiko Digital ED 18-180mm F3.5-6.3 -------- $730
Zuiko Digital 40-150mm F3.5-4.5 -------- $400
Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm F4.0-5.6 -------- $380
Zuiko Digital ED 70-300mm F4.0-5.6 Macro -------- $520
Zuiko Digital 35mm F3.5 Macro -------- $350
Zuiko Digital 25mm F2.8 -------- $360
Zuiko Digital ED 9-18 mm F4.0-5.6 -------- $820

Leica D Vario-Elmarit 14-50mm f2.8-3.5 -------- US$950 (B&H)
Leica D Summilux 25mm f1.4 -------- US$800 (B&H)
Leica D Vario-Elmarit 14-150mm f3.5-5.6 -------- $1,900

"3rd Party Sigma"
Sigma 30mm f1.4 EX DC HSM -------- $600 (OP)
Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 EX DC HSM ------- $880 (TK)
Sigma DC 18-50mm f3.5-5.6 -------- $N/A
Sigma DC 55-200mm f3.5-5.6 -------- $290
Sigma DC 18-125mm f3.5-5.6 -------- $490
Sigma 50-500mm F4-6.3 EX DG/HSM -------- $1,800
Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 EX DC -------- $650 (OP)
Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG Macro -------- $690 (MSC)
Sigma 150mm F2.8 EX DG Macro -------- $900 (OP)

"Micro Four-Thirds (m43) Lenses"
45-200mm f4.0-5.6 (Panasonic-G1) ---------- about S$500 (MSC)

"Lens Baby 2.0 for 4/3 Mount"
Lensbaby 2.0 -------- $240

FL-50R Flash Unit -------- $699 (MS Colour), $700 (John 3:16), $690 (TK)
FL-50 Flash Unit -------- $650 (There are the Made in Indonesia, Made in China and Made in Japan versions, discontinued model)
FL-36R Flash Unit -------- $310 (MS Colour)
FL-36 Flash Unit -------- $305 (discontinued model)
FL-20 Flash Unit -------- $168 (discontinued model but still can be ordered thru Olympus Singapore)
SHV-1 (Battery Pack) -------- $950
STF-22 (Twin Flash Set) -------- $1,130
SRF-11 (Ring Flash Set) -------- $850
FR-1 (Flash Adapter Ring) -------- $90
FP-1 (Flash Controller) -------- $490
EP-2 (Large Eyecup for E-1) -------- $30
EP-5 (Normal Eyecup for E-XXX) -------- $12
EP-6 (Large Eyecup for E-XXX) -------- $30
EP-7 (Standard Eyecup for E-3) -------- $30
FS-2 (Grid Focusing Screen for E-1) -------- $70
RM-CB1 (Remote Cable for E-X, E-300) -------- $60 (OP)
RM-1 (Remote Control) -------- $40
ME-1 (1.2x Mag. Eyecup) -------- $68
HLD-2 (Vertical Grip for E-1) -------- $400
HLD-3 (Vertical Grip for E-300) -------- $150
HLD-4 (Vertical Grip for E-3) -------- $250
GS-2 (Handstrap for E-1) -------- $55
BCM-1 (Quick Charger for BLM-1) -------- $135
BLM-1 Battery -------- $90 (MSC)
BLS-1 Battery -------- $74 (from Yodobashi)
BLL-1 Battery -------- $240
VA-1 Vari-Angle Finder (Right Angle Finder 2x mag.) -------- $288

3rd Party Accessories
4/3 Adapter Mount for Nikon/Leica/Contax/Yashica/Pentax/Olympus/Exatar, etc -------- US$175 + US$10 (shipping)
Olympus E-Series 4/3 Adapter Mounts
Ownuser DX-FBH: E510 vertical / batt grip. $137.00

Lens Adapters
Olympus OM to FourThirds: $45 (China-made, Orient Photo), $150 (Cathay)
Leica R to FourThirds: $45 (China-made, Orient Photo), $390 (Cathay)

Prices stated here are in no relation to/provided/quoted by any shop(s).
They are to be used as reference only.
Please do not go to any shop(s) and claim any item with these pricing(s).


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Dec 6, 2005
ParkertR said:
hmm... im not sure. i know the prices i updated are with gst included.
Most of the prices include GST. However, it also means cash terms.


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Dec 6, 2005
I have tried to steer away from overseas prices except local prices. However, for discontinued items, since it is not available, it is better to still indicate the prices overseas. If there are no more stocks, then the price should be deleted but the model remains to show the discontinuity.

Need everyone inputs on this.....


Mar 14, 2004
my input is that, if it is discountinued, its last known local pricing should be left there as a gauge for 2nd hand market. The 2nd hand market is based on what you can get locally. else how come the 50-200mm is selling for $1500??

Should think about people like me trying to sell the E1. Putting a price like $1125, makes people think that I bought the E1 at $1125 or that they can get the E1 at $1125, which they CAN'T after you factor in the shipping and gst.

I don't mind putting overseas prices down, provided it is from reputable online sellers like bhphoto, etc. More information for CSers so they know their options. Maybe putting all the REPUTABLE overseas pricing side by side will give some pressure to oly singapore for the price revision.


Mar 14, 2004
ParkertR said:
i'll have to go with Hacker and Tao on this one... and Tao is right - even with the prices lower, when u bring in a lens like this, there's the shipping (which costs a good sum) and tax (if it is declared for its actual price - which should be the case).
exactly. That was exactly WHAT I was trying to say. Overseas pricing is not a good guide. I don't mind putting the item down as obselete or discontinued or out dated, etc. I am against putting down the overseas pricing as there are hidden costs.


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Dec 6, 2005
wind30 said:
exactly. That was exactly WHAT I was trying to say. Overseas pricing is not a good guide. I don't mind putting the item down as obselete or discontinued or out dated, etc. I am against putting down the overseas pricing as there are hidden costs.
The purpose of putting up a price is to show that an item is still available though unattainable in the local market.

I think the user should do their own calculations as far as shipping is concern. I have followed the format in the other threads also (some display Yen, US prices but do not mention shipping). They should also weigh the risk of an item not delivered as advertised. Wrong shipments, warranty, insurance, customs have many combinations.

Let's wait for a few more people to comment.

Can we consider only the local pricing? The reason buying the lenses,body and other accessories from the overseas is not in our control. The customer can buy the item from the different countries and different shops. Each country and shop may sell the item for different prices either in promotion or increase the sales in their shop. And also bringing the item from the overseas the custom, shipping value differs for each countries.

If the item is discontiued or out of stock is not our hand, what we are trying to inform the fellow olympians this is the best price to get the item from the local shops. This prices are estimated one. If you do good bargain, you will get less than the price listed here.

My suggestion is, it is better to list the local prices only.


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Feb 9, 2002
SG North
Visit site
Second to list local pricing. More accurate and realistic for buyers/sellers' to compare quotes in up to date SG market. Overseas pricing may add on as additional information which is more beneficial for MO consideration on discontinued or models not available in SG.

Myself as a prospective buyer would be more assured with local purchase and than getting it overseas...the hassle to monitor and be worriesome if goods received is in good order. Likewise for selling, it would be more reasonable n straight forward if my potiential buyer make comparison to local pricing if my items too are purchased locally.

The oversea price for Zuiko Digital ED 50-200mm F2.8-3.5 at SGD$1215 very attractive :bigeyes:


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Dec 3, 2005
no, not henrys. cameta.com. the prices for the e1 are :thumbsup: esp the e1 & shld2 combo.

Anyway, they do not accept CC AND any form of payments from Singapore (kena blascklisted). I spoke to them twice over the phone for my other orders which they had rejected.
Hence, vpost no use.
vConcierge ok ie they buy for you and you pay them commission S$10 + 2% of invoice.
Still works out cheap but lag time is 1 month. They need 2 weeks to :
- contact the merchant,
- clarify/confirm product & price,
- revert back to you to finalize arrangement & costs then etc...
and another 2 weeks to:
- receive product from merchant
- consolidate shipments (with other items) and send to Singapore

Payment can be in CC, COD or GIRO. Good for those with no or dun wan to use CC.

more info here:


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Dec 6, 2005
bizwealthcreation said:
Hi there Hacker, do you know where can I get these items from? :think:
Sorry yeh because I'm still a newbie, can only rely on information in this thread to do my purchases, I don't really have any idea where to buy except at CP or Olympus service center! :kok:
Kindly advise when you're available or SMS me at 96989292. :cheers:
You have to go through the threads where the members state how much they bought it for. Genreally:

(a) Oracle for best service and price. May take some time to get the stocks as he will need to order them. All items are new and have never even been opened, so you know they were never "returned".

(b) CP for widest range but slightly higher in prices. If you need stuff now, they have ready stocks most of the time.

(c) MSColor. Some items are higher, some lower than CP. Only stock the more popular items.


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Jan 20, 2002
Where is Parisilk at HV? any idea how much a 7-14 costs? :)
you could have done a google search on Parisilk, it was the first hit fyi

Parisilk Electronics & Computers Pte Ltd
North 7 Transit Road (Outside Nee Soon Army Camp) Singapore 778884
Tel: (65) 6452 1593 Fax: (65) 6457 9469
East Blk 214 Bedok Central #01-179 (Near Pizza Hut) Singapore 460214
Tel: (65) 6441 6066 Fax: (65) 6441 8948
Central 15A Lorong Liput (Holland Village) Singapore 277730
Tel: (65) 6466 6002 Fax: (65) 6468 2357

so do us a favor, call and update the thread. Thnx


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Apr 6, 2006
thanks! erm i was wondering are the prices in the shops fixed..? i had a really really tough time bargaining at simlim.. i asked for a UV filter and one told me $5O one told me $15.. :X
photography is not a cheap hobby. but you can prevent unnecessary expenditure but being a smart consumer. check out prices for general items and market rates for specific items that you want to acquire. alot of your questions have been asked before by others, there is a very good sticky thread for newbies in the newbies section http://forums.clubsnap.org/showthread.php?t=245883

the consumer's corner i mentioned is a good place to start, spend some time reading up on the prices and blacklist shops. imho, do avoid most shops in sim lim sq, save for orient photo

uv filters can go from $7 - $30 depending on thread size. if you are looking for one for your 14-42mm kit lens, it should be around $10 for a hoya. there's no fixed prices, but there is the market rate for most item. shops in town (e.g. CP) tend to have slightly higher prices, but they also do give discounts off your final bill as well.

there is a wealth of information available in CS, just spend some time reading or do a search for your doubts. cheers


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Mar 20, 2006

Just brought ZD ED 70-300mm 4-5.6 at $550 at SLS... the price ok? btw this lens got marco? it not state in the box?
On the Olympus sites' spec sheet, it has a image size enlargement ratio of 0.5x, which is the same as that of the 50mm Zuiko Digital Macro f/2.

But note that whole enlargement ratios are the same as that as the 50mm f/2 lens, the sharpness and optical distortions may not be as good as that of the dedicated macro lens.

The 1.2m to 0.96m minimum focusing distance may make it a bit unwieldy to use at close range, but shouldn't matter if you need to approach nervous creatures that tend to fly/run away if you get too close.


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Apr 2, 2007
Just bought 12-60mm SWD for $1320 and FL-50R for $690 today. :D Good deal!


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Mar 20, 2006
sounds like i will be seeing a WTS thread for ur 14-54 pretty soon... :p...
Used 14-54's are even flooding Ebay nowadays, and to think 1.5 years ago when I wanted to get a used one it was sooo hard to come by.

Mar 18, 2006
Anyone has the latest price update for FL-50 and FL-36? Thanks!

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