Common Stonechat (Saxicola torquata)

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Mar 15, 2003
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The image was shot in Malaysia at 11.11am, nice number!:)

This Common Stonechat was holding on to some grasses near a plant where a White-throated Kingfisher was perching. Harlequin and myself was leaving a location when we came across these birds. The encounter with the Common Stonechat was brief but we managed to squeeze off a few shots (and yes(!) with food). The White-throated Kingfisher? Well, it flew off before we could approach it…..

From the field guide to birds of South-East Asia by Craig Robson, it is also an uncommon visitor to Singapore. I believe this is a female and it certainly looked smaller than 14cm (figure from guide book) to my eyes. My first Common Stonechat. Hope to share them with friends in this Forum.


Not open for further replies.