Color Managed Apps vs non managed apps

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Hey fellow digital manipulators!
I recently got a hardware calibrator (spyder) and I'm still coming to grips with the whole color managed workflow thing and could do with some help. My camera is a D40x, shooting pure raw.

Originally, prior to owning the calibrator, I export sRGB encoded jpegs from Lightroom that when viewed in a browser or irfanview etc looks exactly like what lightroom shows. All is good.

This was when I was told my images are actually slightly underexposed. DUH. Checking on other monitors indicated that yes, they are.

Hence, the spyder. Makes sense to spend a little cash - I do not want to be spending a ton of time editing images incorrectly.

Ok so with the spyder, I finally get the (seemingly) correct exposure of my pics. But the colors displayed on Lightroom (or Bibble in Monitor Proof mode) are way more saturated than the exported JPEGs when viewed in irfanview or web browser. However, if I view in Picture Window Pro, which is a color managed app, the vibrant colors appear there.

So begs the question - am I expected to just live with the fact that anyone else who is not viewing pictures on my laptop simply got to live with the lack of colors? Or would a proper, good LCD panel make a big difference between the colors in lightroom/bibble vs jpegs viewed in a non color managed app?

I've already explored so many options - lightroom, dxo, bibble, capture 1, lightzone, those that seem to be color managed show pics with much saturation, with the jpeg export issue, but those that do not seem to be color managed (dxo does not seem to be) - the jpeg exports match what I see in the software. Sigh. This is when I really miss shooting slides. Oh my lovely velvia 100 :(

Thanks for any advice! Kinda bummed after spending so much time trying to re-concile my lightroom/bibble images with the exported web jpegs.


PS: Bibble is amazing. I'm pretty sure I will purchase bibble once my color questions and issues are sorted. LR is fantastic interface wise - and I can tune my images faster - but I do get lots of unwanted halos and artifacts. Plus it's bloody, stupid expensive.


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Mar 24, 2003
convert to sRGB when exporting to web and everyone else will see what you see.


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Sep 1, 2006
there are alot of factors in color management.
and i would like it's almost impossible to have 2 different lcd display to show identical colors for the same processed image.

the lcd panel plays a big part.
if 2 systems are calibrated to the same color profile. but using different lcd panels, the color displayed will not be identical, but given the same quality panels, the color would be similar.

Hey guys, this is my problem - could you please take a look at the attached image?

On the left is Eye of Gnome - it's color managed and looks like what I see inside Bibble (or LR). On the right is firefox 3 - which oddly doesn't seem to pick up the embedded profile - and looks kinda desaturated. Checking the exif data, it's definitely an sRGB encoded image. :(




Jun 15, 2008

Couple of questions:

1. Have you turned FF3's color management on? If not, google.
2. What color space are you working in LR? In Photoshop you can specify colorspace and soft proof (cmd Y) it in Windows RGB to see what it really looks like in Windows.

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