COL Night Photography Outing #01

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Dec 27, 2004
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Night Photography Outing #01

Date: 21 January 2006, Saturday
Time: 7:30pm to meet up
Theme: Festive Holidays

We're glad to announce the forthcoming COL photographic outing in January 2006.
Night photography, by its very nature, is a subjective study. Almost every photographer at some point gets curious and wanders into the darkness with camera and tripod in hand. Night Photography has the ability to take a scene and cast it in an unusual light - much like the golden hour surrounding sunrise and sunset can add an element of mood and uniqueness to a sunlit scene. The most magical thing about the night is the element of surprise. One can never be sure of what will happen when the shutter opens after dark.
So don't just simply put your camera away and "call it a day" after sunset. Join us for this exciting outing for some great interaction & sharing and most importantly have fun.
This outing is opened to anyone and limited to a group of 10 persons on a first-come-first-serve basis. Registration closes when places are filled. Film or digital camera users are all welcome. Interested & confirmed participants, please kindly PM me your Name, Email Address and Handphone Number so that we can keep in touch, should inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances stall the outing. Will reply ONLY to complete PMs. Details (including my contact number) will only be sent to you via PM and email one day prior to the actual day outing.
Folks who signed up, please make a point to be punctual or early. We WILL NOT wait for late-comers and rubber-timers.
Thank you for your interest. :)

Please register at COL:

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