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Aug 12, 2002
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hmm... decided to just roam around CS's other webpages for a while... so decided to read thru the TOC for a while... (ok ok... i know ppl are looking at me strange now)...

but then i came across this:
"At, we take great pride in building and maintaining a community where diverse, intelligent and respectful sports discussion ...."

erm... well my surprise was the word SPORTS... it appears about 2 paras down again:

Diversity - We're a community of thousands of fans of different teams, from different backgrounds and with different perspectives on sports and life.

do a search and the word 'sports' should appear another 2 more times on the TOC page.

ok ok... just nit picking abit here. i just find the definition abit strange thats all. nothing major and no one needs to flame or pour more fuel etc. just that *personally* i thought photography would be more of a hobby or a profession... note i use the word *personally* :) so dun need to get too offended by it okie guys? :p or just ignore this post, its just me ;p well i could most certainly be wrong on the definition and afterall it is rather subjective...

u can find the TOC here.

... darn, maybe i should have posted this in the Feedback forum or something. maybe the mod may wanna move this over there? thx.


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Jan 17, 2002
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Heh, knowing the people, it's probably cut-and-pasted from some other site's TOC. Which site I dunno, maybe someone wants to try and search? :p

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