ClubSNAP / Seagate "Pulse of Singapore" Photo Competition

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Jan 16, 2002
National Day – an event celebrated and welcomed by the young, the old, locals as well as tourists! The colours of Singapore’s birthday and the excitement of the parade give avid photographers a perfect opportunity to whip out their camera to capture images of the occasion.

And we want ClubSNAP members to be part of this year’s National Day action. So we are pleased to announce a special “Pulse of Singapore” photo competition in conjunction with our good friends at Seagate Technology.

Digital storage has advanced the popularity of digital photography and today we all use external hard drives in our photographic pursuits. Seagate Technology has taken this one step further with the introduction of Seagate FreeAgent | Theater™, where you can bring these photographs right into your living room to share with your friends and family with ease.

For the contest, Seagate Technology has given us a combination of their FreeAgent | Theater™ with their latest award-winning FreeAgent™ | Go external hard disk drives as prizes for the best photos submitted by ClubSNAP members.

The competition seeks to capture the passion and the energy of the people as well as the colours of the parade as the country celebrates its 44th birthday. We are looking for photos that show how the event has captured the hearts and minds of Singaporeans and visitors. Whether it’s street celebrations, parties, the preparations or just people out and about enjoying the excitement – it’s all about capturing the special moments that make this event memorable.

First place winner will receive a Seagate FreeAgent | Theatre™ complete with a 500 GB FreeAgent™ | Go Drive and the five runner ups will each receive a Seagate 320GB FreeAgent™ | Go Drives.

A) General Information
  1. Sole Sponsor – Seagate Technology
  2. Organizer - ClubSNAP Photography Community
  3. Competition Format – One winning and five runner-up photographs will be selected as best capturing ‘Celebrate Singapore’ by a judging panel consisting of representatives of ClubSNAP and Seagate Technology
  4. The winning entry will receive a Seagate FreeAgent | Theater™ complete with a 500 GB FreeAgent™ | Go Drive
  5. Five runner-up entries will be selected with the winners each receiving a Seagate 320 GB FreeAgent™ | Go Drive
  6. The closing date for submissions of entries is August 31, 2009

B) Eligibility
  1. The ClubSNAP “Celebrate Singapore” photo competition is open to all registered members of ClubSNAP Photography Community, up to and including appointed Moderators.
  2. Seagate Technology Singapore employees, ClubSNAP Administrators and Moderators who are selected as Judges for the competition are not eligible.
  3. Entries for this competition must be taken in Singapore around the 2009 National Day festivities (including rehearsals and preparations).
  4. Images entered into the competition must have been taken by the entrant and possess all the necessary rights belonging to the entrant.
  5. Images which have been used for commercial purposes and/or been published will not be eligible for entry.

C) Submitting Entries
  1. An Entry Submission thread will be published inside the ClubSNAP Forums and a corresponding section in the ClubSNAP Gallery will be opened to accept images.
  2. To enter the competition, entrants must upload their entries to the correct section in the ClubSNAP Gallery.
  3. Multiple entries are allowed, but each must be uploaded separately.
  4. Submission and uploading of image(s) to the Competition Gallery indicates that the photographer has agreed to the terms and conditions of the competition.

D) File Format and Required Digital Information
  1. Maximum size per JPEG image accepted is 400KB
  2. All images submitted must have the following information listed in the submission in the comments column, as well as have EXIF information intact and showing the following information :-
    • Camera
    • Aperture information
    • Shutter speed information
    • ISO
    • Date
  3. Original image must be from a 3Megapixel camera or better. Film Users can enter scanned photos of the appropriate size.
  4. Winners will be required to submit the original image to ClubSNAP before their prizes can be collected, failing which the entry will be disqualified and the prize forfeited.
  5. If a scanned film entry is chosen as a winner, a higher-resolution scan of at least 1200x1800 pixels must be submitted to ClubSNAP prior to award of prize(s). Failure to comply will result in disqualification and forfeit of prize(s).
  6. No watermarks, identifying marks or signature will be allowed for images entered into the Competition.

E) Image Editing and Enhancement
  1. Image enhancements may be applied to optimize an entry for the Competition.
  2. There must not be any significant removal or addition of elements in the image. To clarify:-
    • Adjustments to color, saturation, contrast, brightness and sharpening are allowed.
    • Cropping of images is allowed.
    • Cloning must be limited to general cleaning work - significant addition or removal of elements in the composition is prohibited.
    • Dodging and burning is permitted.
    • Perspective adjustments for correction of lens distortion is permitted.

F) Judging
  1. A Panel of Judges comprised of the ClubSNAP Administrators and representatives from Seagate Technology will determine the winning entries.
  2. The decision of the Panel of Judges is final.
  3. The organizers will not enter into any correspondence regarding the judging or organization of the competition.

G) Notification
  1. ClubSNAP members are advised to update their particulars (especially their email address) in their profiles to avoid any breakdown in communications.
  2. If there is no response from the winner by a specified date, the status will be revoked and the entry deemed null and void.

H) Copyright
  1. The Entrant
    • The entrant must be the sole author and owner of copyright, intellectual property and all other proprietary rights for the image(s) entered into the Competition.
    • Photographers retain full copyright of all images entered into the Competition.
    • It is the legal responsbility of the Entrant, and not the organizers or sole sponsor, to ensure compliance with all ownership and copyright requirements, and own the rights to reproduce the image(s).
    • Entries which do not fulfil the above criteria will be deemed ineligible and will be disqualified.
  2. The Organizer and Sponsor
    • The Sole Sponsor (Seagate Technology) and Organizer (ClubSNAP) reserve the non-exclusive right, for a limited period ending 31st December 2010, to publish, reproduce, display, distribute and show on screen, any winning image on associated websites, photo exhibitions, tradeshows, prints or any other media which is under the management of the sponsor and organizer. In all cases where such images are used, the sponsor and organizer reserve the right to do so without obtaining the further prior permission of the winner, and without offering any further compensation of any form. However, where any image is reproduced in print, the photographer will be credited.

I) Prizes
  1. The organizers and sponsor reserve the right to change or add to the prizes and substitute with a comparable alternative. Any changes will be posted on the competition website. Prizes are non-transferable and no cash equivalent will be offered. If the quality of entries falls below the required standard, the organizers and sponsor reserve the right not to award a prize/prizes.

J) Liability
  1. Images are uploaded at the photographer’s own risk and the organizers regret they cannot accept any liability for the unauthorized duplication or use of images submitted to the Competition Gallery.

K) Agreement to Abide By Competitions Rules, Terms & Conditions
  1. Submission and Uploading of an image to the specified Competition Gallery indicates to the Organizer and Sponsor that the Entrant has read and agreed with the Terms & Conditions of this Photography Competition.

The organizer and sponsor reserves the right to amend or modify the above terms and conditions of the Competition as required, wherein adequate notification and announcement on the changes will be made known to the Entrants and members in a reasonable manner.


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Jan 16, 2002
Competition Gallery will be opened for submission from 6th July 2009.

Please login to the ClubSNAP Gallery to submit your entries.

Jul 12, 2009
May I know when will the results be out? =)


ClubSNAP Admin
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Jan 16, 2002
May I know when will the results be out? =)
The shortlisted images have been sent to Seagate and their representatives for final judging. Will publish the results when we have them, hopefully soon.

Aug 29, 2009
is the result out??? how do we know the result?


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Apr 5, 2006
Any news yet?

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