Clubsnap Nikon Outing (Open to all Regardless of Camera Owned)-

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Location : Tuas Motorcross Circuit
Event Date : Supercross championships round 4 on 31st August

Time: 9am to 4pm


1. The event will be divided into 2 session participants can choose to go for either 1 session or both sessions (pay double).

Session 1 : 9 to 12.30pm
Session 2 : 1.00pm to 4pm.

2. There will be one tentage specially allocated for nikon Outing members for gathering, breifing and loan for eqpt for shooting.

3. There will be 2 shooting stations

- Station 1 on the hill slop behind the fence area - tripod and telephoto lens and cameras will be deployed for photographers not involved or waiting to go to station 2

- Station 2 will be in the circuit itself - for close action shoot, depending on the recce we may divided Station 2 into 2 sub areas 2a and 2b. For safety precaution, this station will be controlled and only a total of 15 persons ie. 13 shooters and 2 marshall/helpers will be allowed into the designated area and will rotate after each race. Safety vest will be issue and wore by the photographers. No moving out of station 2 or between 2a and 2b is permitted once inside unit that particular race is over and upon green light for Tuas Circuit.
(A final safety brief will be conducted on the spot)

4. Lunch will be provided for all participants and each participants will be given 2 bottles of waters. There are drinks stalls selling drinks there,

5. Transport will be provided from Jurong Interchange at 8.30am and 12.30pm and at Tuas Circuit at 1.15 pm and 4pm back to Jurong Interchange.

6. Fees for joining this outing $5 for 1 session and $8 for both session (payment details will be given later) This token fees is to ensure commitment to this event and will be used to buy bottle waters, stationary and misc expenses.

7. Total participants: max 50 (excluding helpers) 25 for session 1 and 25 for session 2

8. Open to all camera users with priority to Nikon Users.

9. Some of these equipt will be available for members to use D700, D3, tele lens include 14-24f2.8, 24-70f2.8, 70-200f2,8, 300f2.8, 400mmf2.8 and 500mmf4 and etc

10. Of course goodie bags.

To register please sign up here:

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