ClubSNAP member wins 3rd Prize in Konica Minolta's Photo of the Year contest.

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Jan 16, 2002
Photo of the Year Winners Announced

For the second year in a row, a panel of photographic experts has selected the best of the best from Konica Minolta's Photo of the Week contest. Weekly winners from December of 2002 through the end of November 2003 were in the running for this year's prizes. Returning to our judge's panel is Rob Shepard, an editor at Outdoor Photographer and PC Photo.

Congratulate to Neil Girling aka Nightshade for walking away with the 3rd prize.

Results are here

Awww, thanks guys. I never thought the image would even turn out, since the lighting was poor that day and it was but one quick shot of a partially annoyed subject. Never ever thought I'd actually win anything. Thanks for your support (and I shall continue to lurk in the Minolta forum). :D

(Here's a better copy of the original:

- Neil


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Nov 16, 2003
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Kho King said:
Honorable Mention = 3rd prize?
Don't rain on his parade la, let the guy enjoy his moment of glory. It was a nice shot.

Congratulations Nightshade!

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