Close-up filters vs. Extension Tube

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I have a Hoya Close-up filter +4.

I am don't know should I invest in an extension tube (Olympus Ex-25) as I am using E-510.

For those who have tried before using both the close-up filter and the extension tube (not only Olympus Ex-25), please advice.

Is there any difference in the outcome of the photos when using an extension tube vs. the close-up filter?



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Feb 11, 2007
Hi shaoken

You can find the answer in this sticky in the Macros And Close Ups section.

This small convenient close up filters essentially do not lead to loss of light. The disadvantage is a compromise of optical quality for cheaper filters, the more expensive multi element ones can give really good IQ.

On the other hand extension tubes are hollow tubes. They do not have glass element within. By extending the back element of the lens away from the film/sensor you reduce minimum focus distance, and lets u go closer to the subject. The longer your lens focal length the more extension you need to make a significant differnce in magnification. Extension tubes unlike close up filters will results in a loss of light. The new electronically coupled tubes allow continuity of metering, while u might still retain AF function which might not be the most necessary.

Both worked for me well and in the end a dedicated macro lens was a better solution.


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