Ciao!!!! Fellow clubsnappers.............

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Apr 1, 2004
To those who attended the actual wedding day course by SLCC, all the very best to all of you for the rest of the year, it was my greatest pleasure meeting all of you, epecially those on the wednesday class, Vincent, Melvin, imran, charles, etc.........alvin, sorry too many names to write, do continue to keep intouch and give me a buzz if and when u do come to melbourne, and a big thanx to Stanley and joanne of SLCC for this wonderful, fun course, learn super alot from Stanley, a big thank u and look forward to seeing u again. This was the first course that i attended, and i was bloody impressed, will gladly recommend it to anyone, anyway, keep in touch, for all other clubsnappers that i have yet to meet, pls feel free to give me a buzz too should u be in melbourne, i will gladly show u around as long as i am not working, anyway take care to all and of course keep on shooting.......cheerios :)



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Aug 12, 2003
Hey Sam,

best of luck to you!! Drop us a mail whenever you're back in Singapore - we can go for shoots together ya? :)

Grab your chance to shoot as much as you can in Melbourne and share with us your photos!

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