Children's Cancer Foundation on their annual Tulip Hearts Day - 5 Sept 04

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Feb 12, 2002
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Hi there!

The EuroVanClub is once again participating in what is our third year
helping the Children's Cancer Foundation (CCF) on their annual Tulip
Hearts Day (THD2004).

We will be starting this year's Tulip Hearts Day by driving into the
HDB heartlands to bring awareness to this charity event and garner support for the donation drive. By about 2:00pm, we will make our way down to Kallang McDonald's public carpark to welcome the other car groups for a major GTG or meetup in support of this charity event. It is an informal gathering which we hope will further rouse the interest of the general public. This is also a great opportunity to show Singapore the
charitable side of our numerous car clubs.

We (the main participants for THD 2004) have to leave Kallang CarPark
by 5:30-6:00pm to return to IRAS and return our donation bags. So we've
got only 3 hours to hopefully sell off all of our silk tulip cocoons.

See you there! :bsmilie:

Date: 5th Sept 2004, Sunday
Time: 1pm
Venue: Public carpark outside Kallang MacDonald's.

The EuroVanClub team
Eurovan Club

For more information about the CCF and their cause as well as learn
about how to participate in THD2004 as a volunteer, visit their website
at Children Cancer Foundation

Cameras are definately welcome, except for speed cameras...

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