Check this out! Looks like fun!

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Here's a paragraph taken from an email subscription I'm on. It's called Lockergnome and I'm sure some of you might be subscribed to it as well:

Here's something cool you can do in the comfort of your own home:
(1) Mount your camera on a tripod;

(2) Grab an LED or flashlight and turn off all the lights in the room;

(3) Set the camera to maximum shutter priority (15" or more oughta do);

(4) Set the timer (if available) and start the capture countdown;

(5) Walk in front of the lens, and when the shutter opens, start writing your name backwards with the LED;

(6) Wait for the shutter to close or have someone else stop the shot for you;

(7) You should wind up with something like this . That's the resized original image - with no digital effects added.

Maybe some of you guys could come up with some nice creations?

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