Cheap geotagging/ geocoding method

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Dec 19, 2006
Hi all,

would like to share with you one way to geotag or geocode photos.

Geotagging (or geocoding) is basically storing information about the location of the photo into its EXIF data, such that photo hosting websites like picasa web can show viewers where the photo was taken. Of course there are many more applications for geotagging, but i'd like to share one of the methods which worked for me.

Equipment I used:

1) PDA or PDA phone, that runs Windows 2003 or later (includes Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6). I used O2 XDA ZINC.

2) Bluetooth GPS receiver (generic brand). I don't even know what brand it is!

3) Canon EOS 400D (Or ANY digital camera that can record time and date info into the photo's EXIF)

4) PC (Running Windows XP)

Software I used:

1) Noni GPSPlot for Pocket PC. This software is completely freeware. I prefer using the english version to the French version.. simply cos i dun understand French.

Noni GPS Plot

2) WWMX Location Stamper. This is a Microsoft Research Lab software, completely free, that basically takes the file generated by Noni, and puts it into your photos. More details later.

WWMX Location Stamper


1) Switch on GPS receiver, and run Noni on your PDA/PDA Phone.

2) Ensure that your camera "Date/Time" settings are very similar to the GPS Time settings. I guess an error of a minute or two is ok.. if u are not moving too fast. You can check the GPS Time settings using Noni. It is not your PDA phone time settings. GPS satellites use an atomic clock.

3) Start recording a track using Noni.

4) Walk around and take photos! Meanwhile, Noni is recording the places you have been to. Of course it is necessary to have your GPS receiver close to you when u shoot, such that the readings are accurate enough. For me, i threw my GPS receiver in my camera bag, sling it on my shoulder and left it alone. It uses SIRF Star III Chipset, so it can still track well inside the bag pocket.

5) After shooting, EXPORT (not SAVE) the track using Noni to GPX format. Noni can export to Google Earth format which you can then open and view the track in Google Earth. But the next step requires GPX format.

6) Go home and switch on your PC. Copy the GPX file from your PDA to your computer.

7) Edit and Post-Process your photos. Avoid altering the time/date taken in EXIF data.

8) Run WWMX Location Stamper, drag all the photos you want to geotag/geocode, and Add Track -> your GPX file you saved earlier.

9) Click on "Add Tracks to Photos". And you have it! Geotagged photos that say where they were taken.



GPS Receiver: I bought it 2nd hand from Ebay, and really enjoyed it. Can use it for driving navigation, geocoding, locating myself in Google Earth when travelling, speedometer, etc. Total cost incl. shipping by vPostUSA: approx. S$ 80. Search "bluetooth gps" in ebay. Local new sets can be found at (for example), and cost slightly more, but have warranty.. i think.

PDA/PDA Phone: I got O2 Zinc from Starhub.. S$ 388 with plan.. but i think its S$ 338 now. Any HTC or Dopod or O2 phone should work.. and any PDA non-phone as well. Of cos must have bluetooth to connect to the GPS receiver, and Windows 2003 Pocket PC or later. No issue if u get recent models.

The rest i assume fellow bros and sis should have.. digital cam? PC?

Software costs: FREE!!! Legally!!!

Well.. i hope my experience will encourage more photographers to try Geotagging/ Geocoding. You don't need an expensive cam like a Nikon D3. Handphone cam also can!



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Mar 17, 2004
A very good tips. I am using NoniGPSPlot as well. This is easy if you have a PDA with build in GPS like Dopod P100 or some latest PDA. I still learn how to use Noni. Do you have any tips to share on using NoniGPS?


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Jul 17, 2006
thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

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