Charity "Ghost" Tour - Good Opportunity for Night Photography

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Aug 1, 2006
Hi All,

For the Night Photography enthusiast, We have a Charity "Ghost" Tour on 11 NOVEMBER 2006. You can pit your night photography skills during our Charity Tour and also be doing a Good Deed as All proceeds will go to Assisi Home Hospice.

Calling Everyone with an Adventurous Heart!

This coming Saturday 11th Nov, join our Urban Legends Dispelling Tour and do a good deed as well!

For $18 dollars, you will to go on a round-island tour and learn about the interesting urban legends you may never have known about about Singapore.

Meetup will be 7:00pm at Newton Foodcourt and Endpoint will also be Newton Foodcourt before 11:30pm.

You will get 1 mini-torchlight and a 500ml water free

As participants of a paid API event, you will be accorded priority in future API Free Movies

This will the 1st API own tour for the Public and all $$ earned, less the coach fee, will go in aid of the Assisi Home Hospice , a place that take care of cancer stricken patients.

To sign up, email to, stating your:-

Name, NRIC, Email, Contact and your mode of payment.

Mode of payment is preferably by ATM Transfer or Internet. Please pay to:

POSB Savings 058191540.

If you wish to pay by cash, please indicate in your email and we will arrange to collect from you.

For a preview of API Spooky tours, visit the Straits Times Stomp website to view our latest Tour photos.

This Tour is organised by Dotbox & API & assisted by Mastery Quest

ALL ENQUIRIES WELCOME @ or mobile 98788669


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