Charity fund raising for dogs 24 Aug 2008 - Singapore Kennel Club

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Jun 12, 2007
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Hi Guys...
Posting on behalf of my friend. He is one of the organisers for the up-coming Competition/Dog shows on 24 Aug 2008 Sunday 9am-5pm at Singapore Expo.

As he will need some voluntary photographers on the day of event, it will be a non-profit voluntary event & all funds earned on that day will be channelled to the Club to provide activities for dogs etc. If you are a dog lover too, then you're in for it! Lunch will be provided.

- Challenges you will faced on that day will be taking photographs for dogs/owner in an indoor environment without flash. Ya, without flash! Coz the dog/s will be distracted during the competition if flash were used. As for the settings, I can't provide much details yet as I won't be able to make it coz will be out of town.

- You will be given an entry pass to roam around during the competition.

For more details please visit

Please contact Jonathon at 97370711 or email him at if you are interested.

Hope you guys enjoy the event... :)

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