Charges for MUA who wish to build a portfolio

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Ok guys, same old question again. I have done a search for about 1.5 hrs in CS but is unable to find an answer. Giving up the search and I am posting this query instead, for the benefit of myself and others who might have the same query.

I major in Wedding Photography and most of the time, I only shoot weddings and corporate events. Few days back, I was approached by a training school for MUA and offerred me to take photos for their graduating students for their portfolios, as and when they require me to do so. They had already informed me that they will require hardcopy printouts but they did not specify any print number or types.

Now my problem is... how much to charge them (I am proposing to charge them as a package instead of by the hour) and what are the items I give to them and how many prints do I provide? I will be using my own backdrops, studio lightings etc Really an Alien in this MUA portfolio thing and I sincerely hope that those who had experienced in shooting the above can guide me on the appropriate pricing. The reason I am asking for the pricing is also so that I won't accidentally 'spoil' the market out there as I understand that the photography industry is already very tough right now.

If you find your pricing a bit private, can always just give me a range or you can also pm me the rates. Thank you in advance to those who are willing to guide me on this.....


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Nov 27, 2008
seriously, just post a question asking pple for quotes and specify only you specific lvl of proficiency photographer required.

its just the way your phrase your question to provoke answers in such terms

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