Charge for food photography (restaurant menu)

Jul 14, 2008
How much should I charge for the food photoshooting session for a restaurant menu?


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Jun 9, 2006
yup. or simply by per image. i know some people charge by per dish. then the client will ask u shoot 101 angle of the same dish. good if u have time to spend and dunno what to do that day. :eek:

good point, some clients just cannot make up their minds or want to just take advantage of the price and/or grey area


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Dec 31, 2004
Well, it really depend on how big is the budget of the restaurant and also depends on how unique is your work.

Do u have to "sell" your work? Or do they come for you because it is something that you have that they want?

You can charge whatever you can but they might buy it.

Normally, I would charge by the hour and release per image type of agreement. That way, you just need to make sure you get the best images and clients pays for what they want at the same time, you don't spend whole day to wait for the clients to get their act together.

But of course, you just need to put number to your hourly rate as well as rate of release per image basis.

Hope it helps.




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Aug 15, 2008
I often see posts in this forum asking how much to charge for this and how much to charge for that.

So what you can do is simple. Ask yourself and put yourself if you were the client how much will you pay for such service that you provide. Then plus minus 10-20% will be good enough.

After all this world is driven by supply and demand. How much are customers willing to pay also indicate how much you can charge. Of course you can ask for the sky and no one will pay you that and the reverse is true. Point is how desperate are you to take on the job to pay your bills or how desperate is the customer to get the job done.

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