Changing Lenses - Photography Sharing Session.


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Apr 14, 2012
Ever thought of the significance of why photographers change lenses and how this play out in real life? Very often, our lenses shape the way we see and capture stories.

Changing Lenses is a talk that explores the connective power of photography and the ways in which photographs can evoke empathy, connect people with people, connect people with themselves and connect society.

The viewfinder opens the door to a world of possibilities and this sharing session aims to explore the different ways photography can impact the lives of others.

Ian's passion and love for photography lies in how it sparks connection and his relationship with photography has been an insightful one. It is his hope to share with you his journey and the lenses he used to view and capture different narratives in life, hopefully inspiring you to connect with something you personally care about, through photography. He'd be honoured if you could come down and partake this journey of connection through photography with him.

Date: 22nd Feb (Sun)

Time: 2.30pm-3.30pm

Venue: 222 Queens Street Lv4 Auditorium.

Sign up at the link below!!
Open to public, tickets are FREE.


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