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Hi all,

just want to post a question, because im planing to go to changi boardwalk to take some photos but im not sure if i can just take bus 29 and from there access the boardwalk, i know there is two point of entry but which one is more accesible, because im not a member of any of the clubs, is there any other way for tourist and myself to go there and take some photos?

how about some areas to eat there do i have to bring our own food if i go there because the way i look on the map it's quite long, if ever i bring lunch where can i sit down and eat.

sory for this kind of questions because i got no time to survey the area first thats why i ask the experienced people,

thanks again!!!

Sep 2, 2006
It's interesting during the day, cause there're sea organisms like anemoe and huge rocks.
Check the papers for low tide, of course.
And stay till the night, near the changi ferry point to ubin ,has a very nice view.

Aug 18, 2006
You can sit and eat at one of the pavilions along the walk. And of course there's the famous nasi lemak stalls at Changi Village, Charlie's Corner... :sweat:

VR Man

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Nov 21, 2005
Bus stop 1:
Stop at the commando Hendon Camp bus stop and walk straight on up a slight slope and you will pass Changi Beach Club and then you will see one of the boardwalk entrance. Don't turn left, end up at commando camp or right, end up at Changi village.

Bus stop 2:
Ask bus driver for changi sailing club bus stop. Walk in reverse direction and turn right down a slope towards the entrance of the sailing club.

You can walk all the way from Changi Sailing Club to Changi Village for makan and drinks. Or you can eat at the sailing club restaurant but the food standard has drop a lot ever since they built the new place. :cry:


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May 27, 2006
how about self-drive? where to park? free, if there is. thanks.

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