LR Tips Certiport Holds Worldwide Design Competition for Students


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Sep 27, 2006
Oh, look! Another design competition! Everyone can just relax, though, because this one is geared towards young emerging designers. And the winners comes home with more than fame and “something for his portfolio.” Certiport, the company that provides test services for Adobe’s certifications (among others), is holding their annual Adobe Certified Associate World Championship competition in Dallas, Texas this year. It’s the final step in a series of competitions held globally to recognize talent among “the next generation of design professionals.” Open to students ages 13 to 22 who are enrolled in an approved educational institution, the competition culminates in a final design challenge. Using Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator (or a combination of these products) students must create a design following specific instructions and requirements while using furnished assets. In addition to being a design student, participants also have to have passed one of the Adobe Certified Associate exams, which are offered worldwide by Certiport through its authorized training centers. There are ultimately three winners in the final round, with cash prizes ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 as well as medals and certificates awarded. Last year’s design challenge—held in Anaheim, CA—was to create a poster campaign for Kiva, a non-profit [...]


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