Central Java Trip combined Exhibition

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The Indonesian side & us are exploring doing a combined "Central Java Trip" Photo Exhibition. Hope to get all the photographers from Singapore who went for the trip to participate with their photos.

Kristupa and I have been talking about sending our works for publication like foreign photo magazine like Photography Monthly & Practical Photography. And also to do a combined Indonesian & S'porean photo exhibituion for the trip.

As the efforts are the same regardless of whether
we're submitting for an exhibition of an article in
the magazine, I've volunteer to run the coordination
of these submission.

Here's the plan:

All who went for the trip, you may like to think about the following:

1. Everyone of you submit not more than 3 photos for selection for
both the magazine & the exhibition that is in plan.

2. This 1st cut submission can be submitted in 8R or 8R super in size or Digital format. (the 2 UK mag has responded that they required high resoluiton of at least 300 dpi and a physical print of A4 or equivalent to be sent to them)

3. Out of the prints submitted, we'll submit at least one
photo per photographer for the editor at the 2 UK magazines to choose which ones they want to publish.This gives everyone an equal chance to get publishe. Note, the 2 UK Mag will have 2 different photos from each photographers, Indonesian & Singaporean side similarly.

4. Locally, we'll also have a selection by a panel
for the combined exhibition to be coming. Kristupa & me are suggesting September 2004. Will scout around for venue for exhibition.

5. For the selected pieces, the photographer owner will have to get it enlarged to 12 x 16 inches for the exhibition. Will source for mass framing for the exhibition to get a better rate. Sponsorship, If we manage to get, will help bring down the costs. At the moment, we're talking to someone abt the framing sponsorship. Will keep all updated.

6. The closing date of the submission shall be 2 July 2004, 7pm. You can send your prints to "The Photgrapher's Gallery" at MITA Building, addressed
to Jeffrey Yap. The Photographer's Gallery is open daily from 11am to 7pm, closed on Tuesday though.

7. I'll need volunteers to help out in the event and matters that are coming. Any volunteers?

Kristupa will do likewise the same for the
Indonesian's side.The team for the exhibition will
then sort out the details later with the Indonesian
side when the photos are chosen.

Will be sourcing for the panel of judges for the
photos selection. Some people in mind are:

1. John Cosgrove (Photoi Editor) Tentatively OK....
2. Albert Lim (renowned Landscape & Architecture
photographer) ????
3. Representative from sponsor (if we manage to
secure some sponsors)

This is a voluntary submission. You are not obliged or felt compelled to submit for the exhibition. This should be out of your own free will.But I do very
welcome volunteers to help in the organisation of the coming activities.

Any comments on the above ?
Also, any volunteers for the organising committee? So far, Wubin, Sebastian & Willy have responded.

For digital submission, the rules are as follows:

1. The 3 best photos that u r submitting shld be at least 100dpi witha size of 4 x 6 inch. This will be for the selection only.
2. You may send to the email : centraljavatrip@yahoo.com
3. We'll arrange a open judging in the weekend of 3-4 July 2004. Will inform all abt the details and venue of the judging nearer the date.

So, don;t wait liao. Send in yr entries quick.

BTW, The Indonesian's side is closing their entry on 26 Jun 2004. So that they can have a week to send to me their prints. So, don't hesitate liao....do yr part....




I'm not receiving any feedback whether u all are going to submit or not? Gimme some signs leh.....quite embarassing....UIndonesian side is submitting & no Singaporean is submitting....



Ok....Some updates....

The Indonesian side will despatch their photos in hi-res to me by this weekend.

So far the following people have submitted or committed to submit:

1. Larry
2. Sebestian
3. Willy
4. Bryan (Binbeto)
5. Daniell
6. Gim Lay (akan datang Friday)
7. May (Ullysss) (can you choose 3 yrself???I cannot decide for u)
8. Jcryan55
9. Edng (coming)

Not sbmitted:
1. Alex Hong
2. Jasphotography
3. Scanner (Victor)
4. CzeYang
5. Lavenderliz
6. Ruel

The judging has been arranged to be held at The Photographer's Gallery at MITA Building on 7 July 2004, Wednesday, 7pm onwards. All members of the public are welcome to come see the public judgeing.

More info abt the upcoming exhibition will also be made known during the session as well.

Jun 2, 2002
hErE lAh
Larry said:
erm, 'scanner' from Clubsnap? he didn't go for Yogja, and he's not Victor either. mistake?
If I am not wrong, his name is Victor and his nick is Seeker from Offstone.

Jul 28, 2002
jcryan55 said:
Not sbmitted:
1. Alex Hong
2. Jasphotography
3. Scanner (Victor)
4. CzeYang
5. Lavenderliz
6. Ruel
Jeff, as I put across to you a couple of time, I took mainly panoramic for the trip. Before I can even consider submitting or not, please let me know if xpan format is acceptable...

and CzeYang, I feel you should submit also as I think you have got few shots still lingering in my thought, which is a good sign.


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Jan 20, 2002
jasphotography said:
and CzeYang, I feel you should submit also as I think you have got few shots still lingering in my thought, which is a good sign.
yup I second that CzeYang was the real dark horse... good potential that will only benefit from the exposure.

don have to worry about Ruel.. Kristupa indicated that Ruel is submitting via the Indonesian side since he is based in Batam and collating the prints on that side.

btw my name is sebAstian... not sebEstian... ;)



Just some more updates....

Ruel will be bringing the Indonesian Photographer's work to us this weekend.

The Judging of the photos for the Singaporean side will be happening at :

Date : 7 July 2004, Wednesday
Time : 7pm
Venue : The Photographers' Gallery at MITA Building, Hill Street

I'd like to encourage all of you to be there for the judging. This will be a public judging event, so those who did not go for the trip can also attend.

As there are more & more activities coming up, I would need more people to come forward to help with the coordination. If u r interested, we can meet on 7 July to discuss. further. It is becoming straining to cope with all the activities alone for the time being.

Those of you who have yet to submit yr works, the dateline is today.....Don;t miss it...



Latest Update.....

The judging of the photos for the exhibition will be held at The Photographers' Gallery at MITA Building on 7 July 2004, at 1900 hrs. All are welcome to join the public judging session.

The Judges for this session are:

1. John Cosgrove (Editor of Photoi)
2. Albert Lim (Renowned local landscape photographer)
3. Tan Heur (Epsite manager)

OK...hope to see u there!!!

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