Cathay in Focus Presents: “Live Composite” with Wong Liang Piow

Jul 20, 2008
I am not the organiser neither would I be held accountable for seats reservation. This is just passing of information as I am a M43 user and chanced upon this workshop held by CP posted on their FB

Cathay in Focus Presents:
“Live Composite” with Wong Liang Piow

Discover how to shoot star trails and complex long-exposures, even during daytime with Live Composite – an exclusive function of Olympus OM-D series cameras. LP Wong shares insider tips and tricks on how you can incorporate this feature to your workflow.

Join us next Friday evening, for an opportunity to test-drive the Olympus OM-D series cameras, including the E-M5 MKII, E-M1 and E-M10, and experience personally the wonders of this unique Live Composite feature.

Register for this talk today at:

Limited seats only!



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Jul 19, 2010
Thanks to WongLP for the live composite intro. Besides going there to check out this function which is not in my em5, I really went there to support our m43 section own moderator. :D

It's nice seeing you WongLP. Hope to see you and the rest again in future gathering.

The door gift is awesome btw, a pen key chain with 2 lens, lol.

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