Case study for singapore's changing landscapes

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Jan 18, 2002
Hi guys,

I need some suggestions for a place to do my case study on the above topic. This may be my only chance in weeks that I can do some shooting. :gbounce: Below are what I am supposed to do:

The Research Context and Aim
The Ministry of Changing Landscapes in Singapore has been given a larger than usual budget for its work this year and hopes to develop interesting aspects of Singapore’s landscapes for the benefit of both locals and tourists visiting the island. While the budget is apparently bottomless this year, the Ministry is rather short of good ideas and would like to invite the Changing Landscapes class to respond by inundating it with well researched, well crafted, and viable ideas.

Each group is invited to submit a report on any one facet or aspect of the landscape – whether real or imaginary – for the Ministry’s consideration. The main aim of the report is to explain the significance of the chosen case study, describe the various aspects (including history) of the landscape, and suggest how the landscape may be developed (or enhanced, conserved, thematised, reconstructed, promoted …) for the benefit of Singaporeans and tourists.

Thanks in advance. :)

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