Car photography


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Aug 15, 2010
Hi, I'm relatively new to photography. I have a 500d, 18-55, 75-300, macro and wide angle filter, and external flash.

I'm learning how to shoot cars, I need to learn what settings would be better, especially aperture.

And does anyone know where in Singapore are the good spots for photography for my friend's car :)


Edwin Francis

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Mar 24, 2006
You may want to do a search about the good locations -- I recall there was a thread about this not too long ago.

About settings - suggest you take a look at the Photography Notes for Newbies at the top of the Newbies section.

There are no magic settings, for Aperture, shutter speed, focal length, perspective, etc. You set them according to how you want your shot to look, and every shot is different e.g. larger aperture if you want shallow depth of field when doing a close up shot of a feature on the car, or smaller aperture if you want greater depth of field, perhaps to keep the whole car sharp. Faster shutter speeds if you want to freeze a moving car, or slower shutter speeds if you want to pan or track, to give the appearance of speed. You have to know what you want in your end result.

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