Canon SX40 or Fujifilm SH20

Nov 29, 2011
Hi Guys,

Has anyone used the above 2 models before? Any comments?

I went to Sim Lim yesterday to compare some prices but with the intention of buying a Canon SX40. However, when I went to one particular shop, the salesman upon hearing I am considering the Canon model, he immediately tells me I should get a Fujifilm SH20 instead. After explaining all, I still decide to get the Canon and he told me he is not going to sell me but asked me to go home and do some research of the Fuji model before I purchase..

Now needed some professional advise as I have a hobby to take pictures of my dogs. Hence, which is a better cam I should buy?


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Sep 1, 2006
Canon SX40 vs Fujifilm HS20

A good comparism (on paper) of the two cameras. Both are actually superzoom cameras... but if your hobby is to take pictures of your dogs, why don't you go for other compacts, like the S100 (S95), XZ-1, LX5, etc. Since those are your dog, you didn't need that extra reach, plus the mentioned cameras have slightly bigger sensor... so have better noise handling. And all of them have fast lens for your need...

Btw, which shop have you visited... those are lousy lousy attitude of the salesperson. What type of nonsense that he/she/it don't want to sell you something... I think that shop didn't carry the particular model you are looking for and so try to hard sell another model to you.

(Note: you mean Fujifilm HS20EXR and not SH20, rite?)

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Dec 12, 2009
Woo Hoo Simlim is dangerous place....I only go to Orient Photo and not other shops. I bet they might have plenty of HS20 and no SX40 to sell.

Agree...if you want to shoot dogs then you won't need the 600mm and beyond focal length. But having extra zoom means you can shoot birds :D and real close up of wild cats and dogs too.

I think both are good cameras, each has their own strength and you have to see what are the features you need and no need. E.g. Canon has extra zoom faster processing of images, Fuji can shoot in raw etc has the zoom ring like a dslr (which I prefer). Look at the link rhino provided for comparison.

I guess it's good to have a feel of both cameras see which one you are more comfortable handling since both are good performer bodies.

Go to Price Guide or Consumer Corner for list of more reputable shops many of us recommend so as not to get conned.

The salesman need to go home and do some homework on how to serve customers better.

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