canon sx10 or panasonic lx3?

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Nov 30, 2008
Hi ple,

I'm trying to decide between canon powershot SX10 IS and Panasonic Lumix DMC lx3.

lx3 is lighter, can take pic of better quality and can achieve bokeh effect easier as compared to sx 10..
but the 2.5 zoom is really too little? (eg, if i'm in a zoo, wouldn't it be difficult to take a close up of a lion? haa)

comparing these 2 cameras,

which can take a moving object better?

LX3 has alot of functions to play with, but if i'm using the auto mode, the camera will adjust the aperture, ISO... by itself? similarly for SX10?

can anyone advice or suggest which is a better take??

Thanks!! ;)


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Sep 3, 2008
Neither. Get a dSLR.

Misconception that the LX3 gives better bokeh, you have so little focal length that the only bokeh you'll be getting are with close-ups. On the other hand, the SX10 can give bokeh decently if you know how to position your subjects. All in all, if you want bokeh, go for a dSLR.

You should get an LX3 if you like landscaping at night, and otherwise don't wish to use a dSLR. Otherwise, the prices don't really justify either camera.

Both are noisy by the way, I tested an FZ28 (same sensor as LX3) and the SX10 itself, all equally noisy.

If you really must get either one, the LX3 forum is quite well discussed, not sure if theres an SX10 forum yet, but you're better off at those specific forums.

Good luck :)

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