Canon s30 Lobangs!

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Hi to all s30 users.

I just bought a new s 30 a week ago. the price was $750. (tink can get $730 at SLS now)

Latest news about a non-OEM battery cost $40++ at SLS named Digital Power or Digital Video battery

Anyone have good buys can post here.Thanks!

I have read in Dpreview that AiAF is problematic and cannot focus properly.

My day shots are okay but my nite shots are out of focus, Is is due to this reason?
I personally find the nite shots => the person is too bright and the background is too dark (using auto mode)

What settings is needed to take a nite shot with a person in the middle of a background you wanna capture.

I sincerely thanks all for helping me to these Qns!
Lets contribute and learn how to take Great Shots.

Not open for further replies.
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